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or such an important company to deliver the message we look forward to hearing."At CES 201▓6, one of the headline news was that a Chinese compa

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ny was accused of violating a U.S. company's patent and was raided by federal agents. However, the American company qui▓etly dropped the

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case a month later. Many Chinese comp▓anies believed the purpose of the American company was to prevent its Chinese compe▓titor from displaying its product at the CES.Shapiro told Xinhua he was not clear about the case, but stressed that China and the U.S. agree

d on the importance of intellectual property protection and both Ch▓inese and American companies should protect their i▓nnovations and follow the intellectu

al property laws and patent laws.He suggested Chinese companies should ma▓ke sure their patents are "strong" and "legitimate", because the pate

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nt and IP are very important in the world of electronics and technology.In 

  • ear's CES. It's the second time
  • that the CES had a Chinese c
  • ompany CEO to do keynoting."Hu
  • awei is such an important growing
  • company, not only in

regard to media reports that dozens of booths reserved by small Chinese companies were fo

  • China but globally,
  • ▓" said Shapiro. "The keynote
  • platform, which is co
  • nsidered one of the ▓most desir
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